The duration for the payment of spousal support is stipulated on the final judgment in a dissolution case. When the court decides to award alimony upon dissolution, it is upon the court’s discretion as to the amount and the duration of the support. This decision is based on the facts at the time of the support hearing and the spousal support factors stipulated in Fam.C. § 4320.

However, when there is a material change in circumstances—like when the supporting spouse has reduced or lost his/her capacity to earn due to retirement—the obligor may file for a modification to reduce or terminate spousal support. 65 is generally a normal age for retirement and the support payor cannot be obliged to not retire just to be able to pay the current amount in support.

Filing for a modification of spousal support could best be done with the help of a lawyer who is an expert in family law, so it is advisable to work with one.