The best and the only way of legally changing or stopping the payment of court-ordered spousal support is through the court. The court may modify or terminate support orders anytime, as it deems necessary [Fam. C. 3651(a)]. Sometimes the court may consider the supported spouse’s cohabitation with a person of the opposite sex as a considerable change in circumstances that may warrant reduction or even termination of spousal support even if they are not married, except if the former spouses agreed in writing that it will not affect support[Fam. C. 4323(a)]. It may be regarded as that the supported spouse has a lesser need for support from the obligor because he/she is living with another person and is getting help with the expenses.

If there is a material change of circumstances in the life of the supporting or the supported spouse, filing for a motion to modify or terminate the spousal support order could be done through the help of a family law attorney. Work with a lawyer who is an expert in family law to better understand modification or termination of spousal support.