The unmarried partner of a deceased may still have a right to claim from the property of the deceased, and their case may be seen as a Marvin claim, based on the Marvin v. Marvin (1976) case, where the Supreme Court addressed the issue of “the property rights of a nonmarital partner in the absence of an express contract.” The court may decide if a nonmarital partnership may be treated as in the Marvin case based on different factors involving express and implied agreements between the parties. For example, the ordinary rendering of homemaking services of one may be considered for property or support agreement between the partners.  A claimant has one year to claim on a Marvin-type agreement as per CCP § 336.3.

Marvin claims have many aspects and issues to take into consideration, and the help and guidance of a lawyer who is an expert in family law would be invaluable at this point, that’s why it is advisable to work with one.