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Do you need help with bankruptcy in Oakland, ca?

Overwhelming debt can be resolved in many different ways. The most common solution is bankruptcy, in addition to bankruptcy there are other solutions such as consumer protection lawsuits, tax workouts, etc. At the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan, we have served thousands of clients and businesses in bankruptcy in Oakland, ca and give the best advice to send you in the right direction.

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Are you going through bankruptcy in Oakland, ca?

Attorney Thomas P. Hogan is very experienced and has served all varieties of debt management cases for 20 years. He is certified by the State Bar of California and has been involved with bankruptcy in Oakland, CA since becoming an attorney. Because Attorney Hogan is also a CPA, he is able to dive right to the bottom of complex financial situations.

Are you facing bankruptcy?

Our Law Offices have dedicated consumer protection, guarding our clients from intolerant collection calls and obligating credit-reporting agencies to conform their responsibilities. We also help our customers thoroughly examine bankruptcy in Oakland, ca options guaranteeing they are compliant with their taxes and are not found in a fraudulent settlement scam.

Is bankruptcy stressing you out?

As a loyal attorney, Tom is prideful when offering his customized services to his clients. He is not running a “bankruptcy mill”. Tom and his crew will give you his full-undivided attention to make sure your situation is completely understood. After speaking with Tom, all of your bankruptcy in Oakland, ca questions will be answered, you will feel more confident and you will not be charged an unreasonable fee.

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