Adoption Agency Checklist

Adoption Agency Checklist

There are many advantages of working with an adoption agency. Before choosing an agency, you should check its credentials and reputation. Here’s a checklist of factors to consider when selecting an adoption agency:

___ License
___ Services Offered: home study, counseling, training, ongoing support
___ Location
___ Client Reviews
___ Criminal Complaints. This information can be obtained from the state Attorney General’s office
____ Programs in place to provide information about the child’s background and medical information.
____ Requirements under state law: residency requirements, eligibility, age, consent
____ Check with the foreign country’s diplomatic mission in the US for any problems/obstacles to adopting a child from the country. (International Adoptions Only)

Questions to ask the agency

• No. of years in business
• Do you operate under the license of another agency, attorney or facilitator? (If the answer is yes, do check on that agency, attorney or facilitator).
• Can you provide references of families with whom you have successfully placed children?
• Can I see your latest financial statement?
• Are your employees full time employees who work on a fixed income for their services or are they paid depending on the number of cases they handle? (Ideally the employee should be paid for their services and not on the number of cases).
• Is your agency listed with the Child Welfare League of America?

If you are looking to place your child for adoption, you should ask the following questions:

• Does the agency provide free guidance and support
• Will you be allowed to have a say in the process of selecting the adoptive parents?
• Will you be allowed to have ongoing contact with your child?

The above factors and questions are not all inclusive. Seek the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney for assistance on selecting an adoption agency.

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