Adoption Consent FAQ

Whose consent is required for adoption?

The consent of the biological parents is required for any adoption. In most states the consent of the mother is required while the consent of the father is required if paternity if proved. The only exception to this rule is when the parental rights of the biological parents have been terminated for any reason including abuse and neglect.

Can minor parents consent?

Yes. In majority of the states, minor parents can consent and give their baby for adoption. The minimum age for consent varies across the nation. While in some states it is 14, in some states it is 12 while in a few states it is 10.

How is the consent given?

In most of the states, the consent must be a written consent and must be notarized or witnessed or executed before a designated official or judge. In some states there is a mandatory counseling or attorney consultation requirement which must be met before the consent can be given.

Is it possible to revoke consent once it is given?

The right to revoke consent to adopt is limited. In most states, the birth parent can revoke the consent prior to the adoption decree being entered under certain circumstances or within a specified period of time. Please check with your state law.

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