Adoption Overview

If you are planning to adopt a child or place your child for adoption, you may be faced with many legal issues. Adoption laws are complex. You must understand these laws before you take any step. Understanding these laws will make the process easy for everyone involved. This section provides information on the adoption laws, rules and procedures including eligibility for adoption, restrictions on adoption, state laws, costs and more. Please click on the links to know more:

  • Adoption: Background Information : A practical introduction to the adoption process and trends in adoption over the past several decades, including the increasing popularity of international adoptions and other considerations for prospective parents.
  • Different Types of Adoptions : Brief synopses of the various different types of adoption available to prospective parents, including such agency adoptions, adopting as a same-sex couple, adopting internationally, and adopting as a stepparent.
  • Who May Adopt: Overview : General overview of the different criteria that prospective parents must satisfy in order to adopt a child, including differences in state laws and a summary of adoption by same-sex couples.
  • Unmarried Fathers and Adoption : Overview of laws and procedures for unmarried fathers who may object to the adoption of their biological child, and how this applies to fathers who are unaware of their paternity.
  • Adoption Tax Credit : Overview of the so-called adoption tax credit, which provides limited funds for adoptive parents to spend on qualifying expenses, which often vary according to the child’s needs.

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