Cons of Each Type of Adoption for the Involved Parties



Confidential AdoptionsMediated (Semi-open)Open Adoptions
The birth parents and the adoptive parents do not have any contact nor do they receive any identifying information about each other but they may be provided with non-identifying information such as hair color, height, eye color, medical history, etc.A third party such as an attorney or an adoption agency will arrange for non-identifying contact.Both the adoptive and birth parents know each other.
Birth ParentsWill have no information about the well being of the child post adoption. 




Can result in a denial syndrome. Some birth parents cannot never come to terms that they had a child who was placed for adoption.

The birth parents will in all likelihood never be able to establish direct contact with the adoptive family and the child post adoption. 

Birth Parents may initially find it difficult to deal with the grief of having given their child away



If the third party moves out of the picture for any reason, there could be a loss of contact.


Birth parents may feel it is better to place the child with the adoptive parents because the adoptive parents are better placed to provide emotional and financial support to the child.


Allows the birth parents to decide on how much contact can be maintained with the child post adoption. 


There is a potential for abuse of trust.







Can result in disappointment if the adoptive family fails to live up to the expectations.


Birth parents may feel it is better to place the child with the adoptive parents because the adoptive parents are better placed to provide emotional and financial support to the child.





Adoptive ParentsCan cover up for fertility problems or adopted family tag.






Less empathy and increased fear towards the birth parents.





Limited or no information about the child’s background or medical history.



The agency will determine which information is to be revealed.

No contact with the birth parents.







Inability to provide quick answers to questions.






Could be left with potentially troubling information

Adoptive parents have a say in deciding the amount of contact the birth parents can have with the child post adoption.


There could be tremendous pressure on the adoptive parents to accept the openness or lose the chance of adopting a child.


May have to deal with birth parents who are too emotionally attached to the child.


May have to emotionally support the child and the birth parents.

Adopted PersonsIdentify confusion during adolescent years.







Limited access to information about one’s background that is often taken for granted by other persons.


Can be preoccupied with adoption issues

If information is not provided, the adopted person will suffer from limited access to information about his or her background.



The person may think that it is unsafe to interact directly with the birth family.

There can be a lack of assimilation into the adoptive family because there is no clean break from the birth family.




The adopted child may feel rejected if the contact with the birth family stops.




Friends and peers may not understand the concept of having two set of parents.


The two sets of families can be pitted against each other.


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