Locating a Child Available for Adoption: Top 10 Ways

Friends and Relatives: Spread the work that you want to adopt a child. Talk to your friends, relatives and co-workers. Someone somewhere might know a child available for adoption.

Churches: Churches and other religious centers have ties to adoption agencies.

Advertise: You can advertise in local newspapers and magazines. You can even hire a billboard and place your advertisement on the billboard.

Net: The net can not only provide you with information about adoption, it can also help you locate families wanting to place their children for adoption. However you should be cautious when acting on any information you obtain over the net.

Attorneys: Attorneys who specialize in adoption law can be a great source of information. They may know of parents wanting to place their children for adoption. They also know of agencies that will be willing to work with you.

Surrogacy: Surrogacy arrangement is another option. A woman can carry the child and when the child is born, she will relinquish custody. The child may be the biological child of the woman and her partner. Both the prospective parents must adopt the child. The child also can be conceived using the sperm of the prospective father. In such cases, the father becomes the legal parent and only the prospective mother has to adopt the child.

Foster Parent: A foster parent can adopt the foster child or some other child. Often the foster child has to be returned to the birth parents. But it is possible for foster parents to adopt the foster child. Being a foster parent results in a strong bond between the foster parent and the child. A foster parent may have to deal with many individuals in his or her role as the foster parent. Many of these individuals can help with adoption.

Government Organizations: Generally local government units have the responsibility of facilitating adoptions in their regions. These units can match you with a child legally free for adoption. Sometimes these units hold special events that allow the children and prospective adoptive parents to meet.

Doctors: Doctors can be a good source of referrals. They may have contacts with unwed mothers and other parents who want to place their children for adoption.

Adoption Agencies: There are many licenses adoption agencies across the nation and they can match you with children legally free for adoption. There are both public and private agencies.

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