Benefits of Open and Closed Adoptions

Confidential AdoptionsMediated (Semi-Open)Open Adoptions
The birth parents and the adoptive parents do not have any contact nor do they receive any identifying information about each other but they may be provided with non-identifying information such as hair color, height, eye color, medical history, etcA third party such as an attorney or an adoption agency will arrange for non-identifying contact.Both the adoptive and birth parents know each other.
Birth ParentsCompared to open adoption, this offers a choice.




Privacy Protection.




Allows one to move on with life

There is some information exchanged between the adoptive and birth parents.


Privacy Protection but limited.

Enables the birth parents to deal with the loss and grief in a better manner.



The fact that the child is being looked after provides comfort.




The birth parents have a say in choosing the adoptive parents.


The birth parents can continue to have contact with the child


There is less guilt and pain about the decision to place the child for adoption.


There is less risk of legal complications.



Adoptive ParentsNo need to maintain any contact with the birth parents.



Birth parents will not be in a position to interfere with the raising of the child.

Can exercise some control over the process.



Possible to clearly define the role of both set of parents.



The to have a say (however limited) gives a sense of entitlement.


Easier to answer the child’s questions on his or her background.

Access to the birth parent can enable better and confident parenting.


Can build a mutually beneficial and enriching relationship with the birth parents.


Better access to information about the child’s background.



Increased empathy for birth parents.




Decreased chances of birth parent claiming the child


Happiness as a parent


Adopted PersonNo threat from emotionally disturbed or unstable birth parentsBackground information is available



Birth parents exist



Adoptee is able to adjust


Has access to birth parents as well as background information.


No need to search for information.


Questions about identity are easily answered.


Reduces feelings of abandonment.


Real birth parents


Lots of supportive adults – birth and adoptive family


Increased attachment towards adoptive family.


Connections with relatives and siblings are preserved.


Reduces chances of loyalty conflicts


Exposure to racial and ethnic heritage.


Overall personality development.

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