Questions For Birth Parents To Think About Before Making An Adoption Plan

If you are planning on adopting a child or you want to place your child for adoption, you should hire the services of an experienced adoption attorney. Birth parents and adoptive parents have certain rights and responsibilities during the adoption process. The attorney will protect these rights and answer any questions that you may have. If you are planning to place your child for adoption, here are some questions which you should discuss with your attorney so that you can make an informed decision.

Reason for placing the child for adoption:

Is the placing of the child for adoption a voluntary and free act or is there some other reason such as coercion or pressure from someone else?

Are you and the other birth parent of the child in complete agreement on your decision to place the child for adoption?

Question About Adoptive Parents

Do you want to select the adoptive parents?
Do you have anything particular you are looking for in the adoptive parents?
Race/ethnicity ___________________________________________________________
Religion ________________________________________________________________
Age ___________________________________________________________________
Marital Status _________________________________________________________
Sexual Orientation ___________________________________________________________
Number of other children in the family _______________________________________
Educational Qualifications _______________________________________________________
Dual-career or one parent at home ___________________________________________

Why do they want to adopt your child?

Do you want to have a relationship with the adoptive parents during the pregnancy?

Should the adoptive parents be allowed to witness the birth of the child?

Should the adoptive parents inform you about the child’s developments without you having to ask them?

Other questions for adoptive parents

Post Adoption Contact

Do you want to keep any form of contact with the child post adoption?
If yes, how often and whether you want the contact to be over the telephone, via email or net or in person.

Questions for your attorney

Would you like to discuss your legal matter?


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