Child Support Amounts

Every state has its own guidelines for determining the amount of child support. All though these guidelines vary from state to state, some of them are common to all states. This section provides articles and resources on these guidelines and calculation of child support. Please click on the following links to know more:

  • How to Calculate Child Support : Answers to frequently asked questions about calculating child support, including the impact of custody arrangements; the impact of loan payments and taxes; and how to modify the amount of child support.
  • Child Support: Determining Parents’ Income : Overview of how courts typically determine parents’ income for calculating child support; such as the treatment of non-salary income such as pension income and the meaning of “unrealized” income.
  • What Does Child Support Cover? : Basics of what child support covers other than a child’s basic needs, such as medical care; college expenses; childcare; transportation and travel; activities such as sports and summer camps; and more.
  • Child Support Guidelines : Links to resources for determining child support payments; pursuing child support through a court order; tracking down deadbeat parents; modifying child support; and related child support processes.
  • Uninsured Medical Expenses and Child Support : Explanation of noncustodial parents’ responsibility to help pay for a child’s uninsured medical costs, such as doctor and prescription drug co-pays; orthodontic work; physical therapy; and elective procedures.
  • College Expenses and Child Support FAQ : Answers to frequently asked questions about the responsibility and legal obligations of unmarried parents to pay for their children’s college education, which often depends on state laws and regulations.
  • Child Support Calculation Questionnaire : Handy questionnaire to help parents calculate their average expenses and income for the purpose of determining the noncustodial parent’s likely child support obligations.

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