Getting Child Support

When the court grants custody of the child to one parent, it will order the other parent to pay child support to the custodial parent. This section provides information on the eligibility for child support, amount of child support, child support orders, child support agreements, child support modification and other important issues associated with child support. Please click on the link to know more:

  • Are You Eligible for Child Support? : How to determine eligibility for child support payments based on custodial status; the establishment of paternity; and other considerations, including special considerations for parents with joint custody of their child.
  • What Does Child Support Cover? : Explanation of what child support covers other than the child’s basic needs, including uninsured medical care; entertainment; transportation; sports activities; summer camps; and college expenses.
  • Getting Child Support Checklist : Helpful checklist of important steps to take when seeking child support, from locating the other (non-custodial) parent and establishing paternity, to adjusting payment terms and enforcing a child support order.
  • Child Support by Court Order : Overview of getting child support through a court order, the most adversarial approach, whether it is obtained as part of a divorce or through a separate legal action.
  • Child Support by Agreement : Basics of obtaining child support through means other than a court order, such as the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR); agreements through informal negotiations; and collaborative family law methods.
  • When Does Child Support End? : Overview of how and when a non-custodial parent’s obligation to pay child support ends, usually at age 18; including discussion of the “age of majority” and child emancipation.

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