Points To Discuss With Your Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be emotionally straining. You may not be in a position to think clearly. Here is a checklist that you help you determine what you need to discuss with your attorney.

1. Children

Child Support

Children as Beneficiaries of life insurance policies

Child Custody
• Legal
• Physical

• Non-custodial parent
• Grandparent
• Stepparent

Religious upbringing of children

• Health Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Uninsured Healthcare Costs

College Education

Residence in the marital homestead

Claiming the children for Child Tax Credit

2. Property

Homestead Equity

Real Property

Business Assets

Home Furnishings

Professional Degrees

Professional Practice

Retirement Benefits
• Pensions
• 401(k)


Personal property

Bank accounts

• Funds
• Bonds
• Stocks

Homemaker Compensation

Concealed Assets

Liabilities and Debts

3. Spousal Support Issues

Are you entitled? If yes
• Amount
• Duration

COBRA Coverage

4. Other Issues

Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Restraining Order
Parental Kidnapping
Non-financial support after divorce
Change of name
Legal Expenses
Attorney’s fees

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