Questionnaire: Are You Entitled To An Annulment?

Many married individuals come to know of things about their spouses after the marriage. Some of these things are not pleasant ones. In fact some of these things could be shocking…so shocking that had you known about it before the marriage, you definitely would not have consented to the marriage. In such cases, your marriage itself might not be a valid marriage. You may be able to seek an annulment in such cases. An annulment legally terminates a marriage but an annulled marriage is considered as never to have happened. The exact laws on annulment vary from state to state. If your answer to any of the following question is yes, you can apply for an annulment.

• Were you or your spouse legally married to someone else at the time of your marriage?
• Are you and your spouse close blood relatives? For example, siblings, aunt-nephew, uncle – niece, first cousins, etc.
• Were you at the time of your marriage suffering from any mental illness that affected your legal capacity to consent to the marriage?
• Were you at the time of your marriage under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that affected your legal capacity to consent to the marriage or because of intoxication, you were not aware of the consequences of your action of getting married?
• Were you or your spouse forced by threat of violence to enter into the marriage?
• Is the husband suffering from permanent incurable impotency?
• Is an incurable medical condition preventing consummation of the marriage?
• Were you or your spouse below the legal age for marriage in your state? If yes, did you have the necessary parent consent or court approval
• Did your spouse misrepresent or conceal any fact about himself/herself which if known to you would have prevented your from consenting to the marriage?
• Was the wife carrying another man’s child at the time of the marriage?
• Does your marriage fail to meet the legal requirements for a marriage in your state?

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