Ending Domestic Violence

How can I prevent my abuser from coming after me?

You can apply for a temporary restraining order. This order will direct your abuser to stop the abuse. The terms of the order will generally require your abuser to stay away from you, your place or residence or work, you children’s school and any other place where you are likely to spend a lot of time.

Obtaining a temporary restraining order is rather simple. In most states, you can obtain the forms from the court clerk. A judge will review the evidence and then issue the order. In most states, the judge can issues temporary restraining orders even after the usual court working hours.

What can I do if I am unable to obtain a temporary restraining order at night?

Call the local police. In most jurisdictions, police officers can issue emergency protective orders when a judge isn’t available to issue one. Such orders have the same effect as a temporary restraining order but is often valid for a short time – just enough to protect you until the courts reopen.

What should I do once I get a temporary restraining order?

You should immediately register the order with the police in the areas covered by the order. For example if the order prevents your abuser from coming near your place of work and residence, you should register the order with the police in both locations.

What can I do if the abuse continues despite the temporary restraining order?

Generally, the temporary restraining order will be sufficient to prevent further abuse but sometimes it may not be enough. If your abuser violates the order and persists with the abuse, you should call the police. The police will deal with your abuser in accordance with the law. Even if you do not have an order, you should call the police if you are being abused. Domestic violence is a serious criminal offense.

Once you call the police, your abuser will be arrested and the prosecutor will determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute your abuser.

How can I improve the chances of getting a temporary restraining order?

One big mistake is going to the court without an attorney. While the objective of a temporary restraining order is to protect victims of abuse, the process of getting one is complex. The victim must provide evidence of the abuse in accordance with the rules. There are other legal formalities to be followed. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Gather evidence : You will need evidence to support your application for a temporary restraining order. Evidence can be in the form of witnesses, photographs, police records, etc.
  • Appearance : You may be the victim but that does not mean you should turn up in court in torn clothes or with a shabby appearance. Dress well and in a professional manner.
  • Stay Calm : Keep your emotions under control. Don’t shout or scream at the judge and refrain from celebrating in court if the judge issues the order.
  • Never interrupt : Never interrupt the judge. You will only annoy the judge.

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