Are You Prepared for Marriage?

And they lived happily ever after. Well that’s how everyone wants their marriage to be but it’s not always like that. In fact most marriages see problems within a few days of the marriage ceremony.

How a couple deals with various issues like communication, finances, conflict, in laws, sexuality, religion and many others will play a key role in the success or failure of the marriage. These issues generally don’t crop up before marriage and even if it does, most couples dismiss it saying we will deal with it as and when the time comes.

A prenuptial agreement prepared by an experienced family law attorney can help you prevent conflicts about finances in the future but you should sit down with your to be spouse and discuss some of these issues. It is vital for the success of your marriage. Here are a few things that you should discuss with your to be spouse before your marriage.


Why are you getting married?

If you know the exact reasons why you are getting married, you are unlikely to have unrealistic expectations. Whatever may be the reason; you must know it and accept it.


• Will the two of you be sharing everything equally?
• Your expectations about money
• Does one of you earn substantially more than the other or have significantly more assets?

You must understand your to be spouse’s expectation’s about finances. Similarly he or she should know what you expect. You should decide how your assets should be divided if your marriage does not work out for any reason. The division of your assets in case of divorce will be affected by your state law. While your separate property will remain yours unless you commingle it, in some states marital property is divided 50-50 while in others it is divided fairly.

Money Management

• How will you prepare a budget and stick to it?
• Who will pay which bill?
• Will the two of you open a joint checking account?
• Which of your assets will be joint assets?
• How do you intend to achieve your long term financial goals?

Daily Life

• Who will do the household chores?
• How will you reach a decision in case of a disagreement?
• What if one of you fails to fulfill your part of an agreement?
• How will you deal with conflict? Do did you deal with it in the past?


• Are you planning on having kids? How many?
• Are you planning on adopting a child?
• Will the two of you continue working after having kids? Will one of you stay home?
• What about the children’s education? Who will pay for the education in case the marriage ends in a divorce?

Personal Philosophy

• Is religion an important part of your life?
• Will your religion influence your married life?
• Are you willing to discuss sexual matters?
• Are you willing to give your spouse sufficient time to be alone?
• How will you spend quality time together?

If you sit down before your marriage and talk to your to be spouse on all these issues, it can help you deal with future problems. Consult with an experienced family law attorney if you need any assistance on financial issues or issues relating to property, child support or adoption.

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