Documents That Prove A Common Law Marriage

Even if your state does not recognize common law marriage, there are many ways in which you can prove your common law marriage. You will generally be required to prove your marriage by providing documentary evidence. Here are some common documents that you can use to prove the existence of a common law marriage:

• An affidavit stating the details of the marriage such as the date, place, the termination of prior marriages if any, whether a ceremony was held, etc.

• Affidavits from others who know you and are aware of your common law marriage. The affidavits must state how long they have known you, how long you have been in a common law marriage, how long you have been living together, whether others who know you consider you as married.

• Property deeds indicating that the property is jointly held by you and your common law spouse.

• Joint bank account statements.

• Insurance policies wherein the common law spouse is named the beneficiary.

• Birth certificates of children displaying the name of the common law spouses as the parents.

• Employment records where your common law spouse is listed as an immediate family member.

• School records of your children show you and your common law spouse as parents.

• Joint credit card account statements.

• Any loan, mortgage or other financial document showing joint obligations.

• Any letter addressed to the common law spouses as Mr. and Mrs.

• Documentary evidence of the wife assuming the common law husband’s surname.

• Church records that indicate the married status of the common law couple.

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