Sample Premarital/Prenuptial Agreement

This pre-marital agreement is made on this ____ day of ______, 20__, between ________________ (prospective husband) and ________________ (prospective wife).

WHEREAS both parties intend to get married in the State of ___________ and intend to set forth the rights and obligations of each party in case of death of either party, divorce or termination of the marriage.

Both Parties Agree As Follows:

1. Both parties represent that:

• they are represented by their own attorneys who have reviewed this Agreement and advised the parties of their rights and obligations under this Agreement.

• they have understood the terms of this Agreement including their rights and obligations under this Agreement.

• they have disclosed all details and information about their finances, assets and liabilities and have not withheld or concealed any information.

2. Each party owns properties listed in Exhibit 1 and the properties will be considered as separate properties of the respective party. At all times, the parties shall enjoy the full right and authority with regard to their separate property as each would have had if not married. Each party shall be responsible for any taxes and debts associated with their own separate property.

3. In case of death of either party or divorce or termination of the marriage, the parties waive all rights to the separate properties of the other.

4. Each party is responsible for the debts listed in Exhibit 2. Both parties agree that the other party shall not be responsible for the debts of the other.


6. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and overrides any prior agreement between the parties.

7. If any court declares any provisions of this Agreement as invalid, the other provisions shall continue to remain valid.

8. This Agreement shall be governed according to the laws of the State of _________.

Prospective Husband                                                                               Prospective Wife
Name:                                                                                                   Name:
Signature:                                                                                             Signature:

Witness 1                                                                                              Witness 2
Name:                                                                                                   Name:
Signature:                                                                                             Signature:

Exhibit 1

Separate Property of Prospective Husband

Separate Property of Prospective Wife

Exhibit 2

Debts of Prospective Husband

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