Checklist: How to Find Good Childcare

If you are a working parent, finding good child care is very important. This checklist will help you decide if the childcare you find meets your requirements and whether your child will be safe.

Good first impression – Y/N
Does the facility have a license – Y/N
Staff well trained and qualified – Y/N
Rules and policies handbook – Y/N
Are you comfortable with the rules and polices – Y/N
Packed with too many children and few staff members – Y/N
Any peculiar smell or unkept – Y/N
Do the staff clean their hands when responding to the bathroom needs of the children – Y/N
Are the children made to wash their hands after using the bathroom- Y/N
Do the staff clean their hands before providing food to the children – Y/N
Are the children made to wash their hands before eating – Y/N
Child proof and safe – Y/N
Do infants and toddlers have access to small toys – Y/N
Any open outlets- Y/N
Stairways have gates/door – Y/N
Are these gates/doors always closed – Y/N
Sufficient number of smoke detectors – Y/N
Are the fire extinguishers easily accessible- Y/N
Does the center keep all harmful substances locked – Y/N
Do the telephones display emergency numbers – Y/N
Is the outdoor area securely fenced – Y/N
Are the children at the center happy – Y/N
Too much noise or silence- Y/N
Are the staff friendly to the children – Y/N
Do the children understand what the staff are telling them – Y/N
Positive attitude of the staff – Y/N
The staff love their job – Y/N
The staff display affection to the children – Y/N
Do the staff respond to crying children in the right manner – Y/N
Do the staff answer the children’s questions – Y/N
Are the staff patient- Y/N
Do the staff encourage the children to respect one another – Y/N
Do the staff treat parents with respect – Y/N
Other parents are happy with the center – Y/N
Daily schedule for staff members- Y/N
Outdoor activities – Y/N
Availability of toys and books – Y/N
Do the staff read books to the children – Y/N
Planned activities – Y/N
Field trips – Y/N
Licensed transport facilities – Y/N
Safe vehicles – Y/N
Appropriate restraints for children – Y/N
Time to rest- Y/N
Nutritious meals – Y/N
Convenient location – Y/N
Disciplinary action against the center if any – Y/N
Are you comfortable – Y/N

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