Top 10 Reasons To Use An Attorney: Surrogacy Arrangement

10        EXPERIENCE. The attorney’s experience in handling surrogacy matters can prove to be invaluable. You will receive the right advise and guidance. You will know how to deal with any issue that may threaten to derail the entire process.


9          OBJECTIVITY. Surrogacy and emotions go hand in hand. You may be so overwhelmed with emotions that you may not be able to take objective and rational decisions without the assistance of an attorney.


8          CONTACTS. Surrogacy attorneys have contacts and relationships that can help you locate potential candidates for surrogacy.


7          SKILLS. The attorney has the skill and expertise needed to conduct background checks on potential candidates.


6          SCREENING. Surrogacy attorneys generally have working relations with other medical professional for conducting psychological and medical screening of the potential candidates.


5          MONEY. The attorney is in a better position to negotiate the compensation package. he or she knows the existing charges and rates and will not agree to exorbitant sums.


4          RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. The attorney will ensure that you have a smooth working relationship with the surrogate.


3          DISPUTE RESOLUTION. In case of any dispute, the attorney can act as an intermediary.


2          CONTRACT DRAFTING. The attorney can prepare a legally valid surrogacy agreement addressing the vital issues.


1          YOUR CHILD. The attorney will help you achieve your objective of having a child.

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