Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning is very important because it is the way that a person can make sure that their wishes for their healthcare during their life, as well as their property would be honored. A person’s estate may include bank accounts, real estate, insurance policies, personal properties, investments and others. To make sure that you assets will be treated in a manner that you wish, you may create a will and trusts.

In this section you will find some helpful information regarding topics and issues on estate planning.

Learn About Estate Planning Basics

  • What Is Estate Planning : This is a general information on what estate planning is and the types of assets and properties that comprise an estate. It also talks about the importance of an estate plan and how to get legal help for making an estate plan.
  • Estate Planning Questionnaire : This is a form that could help you in organizing important information that you need to have when you meet with your attorney and prepare your estate plan.
  • Ten Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid : Enumerated are ten of the most common estate planning mistakes that a lot of people make. Be informed and know what you need to avoid when making an estate plan.
  • Estate Planning & Probate Dictionary : This is a glossary of terms commonly used in estate planning law. Use this as a guide or reference when reading materials related to estate planning.

Estate Planning Basics Articles

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