Estate Tax Laws

The state and federal government impose taxes on the transfer of a deceased person’s property, and this is called estate taxes. Some states may require the heirs or recipients of a decedent’s property to pay a certain amount of tax for the property inherited.

This section provides resources and information on estate taxes and other issues related to taxation of the properties of an estate.

Learn About Estate Tax Law

  • Overview of Estate and Gift Taxes : A broad look at estate tax laws. Learn about estate taxation, the different types of estate tax exemptions, gift taxes, the unified gift tax credit, and how to file an estate tax return.
  • Estate and Gift Tax FAQ : A list of commonly asked questions about estate and gift taxes. Find answers to your questions about how inheritance and gifts are taxed, what you can do to avoid estate taxes, and more.
  • Reduce Estate Taxes by Making Gifts : A guide to cutting down on your estate taxes by making gifts. This article provides a number of helpful tips, including taking advantage of the annual gift exclusion and making gifts to your spouse.
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Estate Taxes : A list of ten methods you can use to reduce your estate taxes, including marital transfers, lifetime gifts to children and grandchildren, irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable transfers, and more.
  • State Laws: Estate Taxes : Most states levy taxes on estate conveyances, meaning you may have to pay taxes on the real estate and personal property you inherit. Learn about your state’s estate tax here.
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax Laws : A list of federal codes dealing with estate and gift taxes. Learn about how the federal government taxes inheritance, how the federal gift tax works, and how special valuation rules are applied.

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