Revoking, Challenging or Changing a Will

A very common mistake amongst people who already have a will is not updating it when a major life change has occurred – like a birth, death, or divorce.  Failing to update or change your will puts your child at risk of receiving no inheritance right to your property or possibly passing your property to a former spouse longer after you have separated.  When a major life change has occurred, you will want to explore your options, such a revoking a will, changing a will, and reasons to challenge a will.

Learn About Revoking, Challenging or Changing a Will
  • Changing a Will : A guide to changing your will. Learn about the circumstances in which you should update your will, including marriage, common law marriage, divorce, moving to a common law property state, and more.
  • How to Revoke a Will : There are a number of reasons why you may want to revoke a will. This article offers several ways to do so, including destroying the old will, creating a new will, or making changes to an existing will.
  • Checklist: Reasons to Update Your Will : While marriage and divorce are obvious points at which you should change your will, there are a number of lesser-known reasons to update as well. Use this checklist to determine whether it’s time to update.
  • Reasons to Challenge a Will : While challenging a will can be an extremely difficult process, there are certain circumstances in which a challenge may be appropriate, including where the testator lacked capacity or where fraud is involved.
  • Who Can Challenge a Will? : Not everyone can challenge a will. Under probate laws, only “interested persons” may challenge a will. This article provides an explanation of who exactly has standing to challenge a will.
  • Inheritance Law and Your Rights : Depending on the laws of your state, you may have the right to claim inheritance even if you weren’t included in a will. Learn about your rights under the inheritance laws of most states.

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