Mitt Romney’s Romneycare

San Jose, CA — Just like the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Mitt Romney has renewed his energy and is in full swing again attacking his election rival, President Barack Obama. The latest of which is the unveiling of his healthcare plan which promises every American “availability to good healthcare” as opposed to the Obamacare plan which is scheduled to be ruled upon by the Supreme Court.

Mitt Romney's RomneycareThe funding for the said Romney healthcare would be coming in from private markets and Romney vowed to revamp the healthcare system given that he becomes the next president. His plan would incorporate policies that would serve those with preexisting conditions and the uninsured; enabling them to avail of private medical care and tax breaks.

The healthcare plan is Mitt Romney’s version of the Affordable Care Act that will address the needs of more or less an additional 30 million people in terms of medical insurance.

Democrats are criticizing Romney’s plan stating that it is just a ploy to reduce the benefits that women, the uninsured and young people get from the law. Lis Smith, Obama’s campaign representative, stated that, “For too long, American families have faced a choice between going bankrupt to afford the care they need or going without that care at all, and Mitt Romney wants to take us back to that time.”

Even his Republican rival, former Senator Rick Santorum is not convinced that Romney’s healthcare proposal is going to work or has a major difference with Obama’s Affordable Care Act given his track record.

Back when he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney was part author of the healthcare legislation that required all residents of the state to avail of insurance or get penalized. Some of the provisions in his proposal echo this statute.

Avoiding the usual Republican rhetoric, Mitt Romney went directly for the jugular and compared the Obama campaign to a post on Twitter. Quoting, “You can pretty much put their campaign on a tweet and have characters to spare.”

Romney emphasized that the care of the uninsured is his main goal but in his proposal there are limited provisions for those individuals who have preexisting conditions. It only covers those who has the possibility of being deprived their benefits when they lose their employment or change jobs but it will require insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions even for first time insurance buyers.

In his proposal, the funding to cover the preexisting conditions would be taken from the funds received by the federal health program for the poor, Medicaid and other money received by local governments.

As for the preexisting conditions, there is no clear information on how insurance companies will cover the costs unless everyone is required to buy insurance.

Romney also omitted the fact that part of the law’s provision which is the same as one signed by President Obama in 2010 allows parents to keep their children listed on their medical insurance coverage until their kids hit the ripe old age of 26. But despite this provision, some insurance groups like Aetna Inc. (AET), Humania Inc. (HUM) and UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH) advised they will allow this provision whatever the outcome is of the court’s decision.

Affordable healthcare is a major issue in the country right now. Most people end up declaring bankruptcy because of medical bills. With all the restrictions on medical insurance, it is almost useless to use it and to make things worse, hospitals and medical centers end up charging double to recuperate the amount they have lost because of insurance coverage.

With all the mudslinging from both candidates, regardless of who gets to be elected as the next president, his healthcare program should better work.

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