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Elder Law

Thomas Hogan Elder Law Attorneys

Medi-Cal eligibility and planning, Probate, Estate Planning, Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence, planning for possible long term care, and more.

Labor and Employment Matters

Tom Hogan Employment related litigation Lawyer

Wrongful Termination, Disability Discrimination – Failure to Provide Reasonable Accommodation/Family and Medical Leave, Sexual and Other Harassment, Hostile
Work Environment, Wage and Hour Violations – Denial of Rest and Meal Periods, Failure to Pay Overtime/Premium Pay, Labor Contract Violations, Hearing
Representation – Unemployment Insurance, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment & Housing, Department of Labor, Negotiation of Severance Package, Executive Compensation Package, and more.

Immigration Law

Family Petition, Green Cards, Naturalization, U-Visa, All Other Immigration Matters