Romney’s Headed for San Francisco For Some Fundraising Shindigs

San Francisco, CA — After his speech at the NAACP which received a mix of applause and boos, GOP candidate Mitt Romney is headed back to the Golden State, mainly the San Francisco Bay Area for some Fundraising Shindigs, a day ahead of Obama.  This will be quite interesting since this area is the bastion of the Democrats and the GOP campaign will be setting up 3 big events on July 22 (Sunday) to generate money for Romney’s bid for the presidency this coming November 2012.

Romney's Headed for San Francisco For Some Fundraising ShindigsThe said events will not just be some  $1000++ per plate meal; it is reported that it is going to be  by invite only to selected well-heeled donors and it will be intimate with the promise of being  able to personally be thanked by the “next president.” The events will be consisted of a lunch and a dinner and it will be one expensive dinner at $50,000 per person.

The shi shi lunch will be around 2:30pm, location is the Woodside home of billionaire Tom Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems. The big GOP supporter recently donated $500,000 to support the campaign for the anti-union November ballot measure. This measure would prohibit the use of payroll deductions for campaign contributions. The unions are big contributors to campaigns like the California Professional Firefighters Ballot Issues Committee which contributed $1 million. Of course, the unions are doing this to lobby their interests and so do the big people who cut big checks to the candidates. No meet and greet for the average Joe and Jane. It’s the money doing the talking nowadays.

The “distinguished guests” to this event are Charlotte Maillard Swig Schultz(protocol guru), George Shultz (former Secretary of State) and his wife. The hosts listed for all 3soirees are: Scott McNealy(Sun Microsystems co-founder), Meg Whitman (Hewlett Packard CEO) and her husband Griff Harsh, Howard Leach (former Ambassador to France) and his wife Gretchen and TPG Capital’s Dick Boyce. The creme de la creme who will likely benefit once Romney becomes president.

Doing the sales pitch for this money-generating event is Howard Leach. He has implored to the rich donors that this is an important election and that their contributions are crucial and much needed. Leach stated this on his letter to the donors, “Gretchen and I just returned from Paris, the new President of France has increased taxes at all levels – we can’t let this continue here with President Obama.” Implied meaning, “Rich people cannot start paying their taxes, it is unacceptable.”

After the lunch event, Mitt Romney will then head to San Francisco for a more middle class event that will cost per person $2,500-$10,000 which will be held at the Fairmont (the original location was supposed to be the Ritz Carlton) around 4:45pm. This shindig will be hosted by Ed Hearst of Sybase, Peter McGowan (former SF Giants managing general partner) and socialites Alexis and Trevor Traina.

And to cap the day, around 6:30pm, another “intimate” dinner will be held at a private home in Pacific Heights. The event is called the “Barnett Dinner” and will be hosted by Roger Barnett, CEO of Shaklee Corp., and his wife. The same $50,000 price tag per head will be charged to people attending the dinner.

Fun fact, the limit for campaign contributions is $2,500 in both the primary and general elections. But with Romney’s campaign, they are able to receive donations of $50,000 per person. Their invite is able to explain where the money will go to: $2,500-(Romney for President primary account), $2,500(Romney for President general account), $30,800(Republican National Committee), remainder will be divided between the National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC) and the National Republican Congressional Campaign).

After Romney’s fundraiser, Obama will also be heading to California on a 3 day fundraising campaign which will target the East Bay and will include a visit to the Fox Theater in Oakland and money raising event to be held at a private home in Piedmont.

Despite a couple cities declaring bankruptcy, the candidates are still going to invade California and conduct their fundraising campaigns. How will they address the issues that California is facing right now? People get your wallet and checkbooks ready …

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