Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy and the Cost of Staying Alive

Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy

The Lowdown on Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy

Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy cases has risen to an astounding level to the point that bankruptcies caused by credit card debt were proven to be very little in statistics compared to the medical bankruptcy records. Over the past decade, studies show that an alarming 50% of Sacramento, CA bankruptcy cases filed were attributed to medical debts by, take note, people with health insurance.

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Yes, you read right. Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy petitions are filed mostly by those WITH medical health insurance belonging to the 65 and above age group. Another percentage in the demographics accounting for the increase in Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy cases are the single mothers who were struggling to support her children by means of low salary. These make up for the still unabated issue of Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy cases.

What percentage does Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy represent?

If one has to dissect deeper into the statistics of Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy filings, one will discover that most medical debts that were incurred shows surprisingly low unpaid amounts in their names. From the data gathered by an independent research company, it shows that for the year 2003, 20% of medical bankruptcy cases involve debt amounts of $1000 and below, around 40% involved unpaid medical bills of $5000 and below and 13% involved medical debts in the range of $10,000 and below. These amounts are relatively low to be considered as reasons to file a Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy case. Not only is filing for bankruptcy a difficult, life-changing decision to make but it is also a risk that will and can affect your life long-term. The more logical solution to pay off such debts is to ask for payments arrangements from creditors or extend terms, however, the more boggling question is why wasn’t this thought of as an option rather than file a Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy?

If I am covered by a healthcare insurance, does it mean that I am not at risk for Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy ?

When Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy cases were investigated, most people reasoned out that healthcare insurance and institutions are very unforgiving and provide inflexible terms or no extensions at all. They strictly impose the signed off healthcare agreement terms and coverage. They even pad extra interests if one cannot pay the debt off as quickly as they expect; no wonder more and more people opt to file for Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy.

Why It’s Best To Remain Healthy

Hospitals and doctors claim that their main goal is to save lives and help people overcome sickness, however, this becomes the contrary. Most of them do not write off unpaid fees as bad debt, instead, they rush every chance they get to the court house to file lawsuits. Oddly enough, they even go after small trivial fees that fall between the range of $100 to less than $5000 in unpaid services. More often than not, these medical practitioners and institutions turn over delinquent and aging accounts receivables to medical collection agencies once debts reach the 30-60-day aging period. Instead of waiting for the 150-day traditional grace period to give people ample time to settle their unpaid medical bills, collection agencies become the bounty hunters aggressively going after people for payments. These small claim lawsuits that aid to Sacramento, CA Medical Bankruptcy are expected to rise in quantity if this issue remains unresolved.

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