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Notices for Sacramento how to evict

A landlord cannot evict a tenant at short notice. The tenant can only be evicted by a court order in favor of the landlord in an eviction lawsuit. Before filing the lawsuit, the tenant must be served with certain notices as required by law. If the landlord fails to give any of the required notices, it can adversely affect the outcome of the eviction lawsuit. The tenant can use it as a defense in the eviction lawsuit. Sacramento how to evict Thomas Hogan Law Office

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Importance of notices in Sacramento how to evict process

Notices play an important role in Sacramento how to evict process. If the notice is wrongly sent or the landlord fails to send the required notice, the tenant will prevail in the eviction lawsuit. The court will dismiss the eviction lawsuit. If you are a landlord wanting to evict your tenant, consult with the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our eviction attorneys can advice you on the required eviction notices.

Serving notices in Sacramento how to evict process

In Sacramento how to evict process, the service of required notices on the tenants is an important factor that can affect the outcome of the eviction lawsuit. The best method of service is personal service. The tenant is personally served with the notice. If the landlord is unable to serve the tenant personally, the landlord can leave the notice with an adult present at the premises and then mail a copy of the notice to the tenant. If there is no one at the premises to receive the notice, the landlord can post it on the front door and mail a copy to the tenant.

Eviction Lawsuit

Once the landlord files an eviction lawsuit, it must be served on the tenant. The tenant must respond to lawsuit within 5 days. Under Sacramento how to evict laws, if the fifth day is a holiday, the response must be filed on the next date. If the tenant does not file a reply within 5 days, the landlord can apply for a default judgment. Once the landlord obtains a judgment from the court, the landlord can enforce the judgment through the Sheriff and evict the tenant.

Writ of Possession

If the landlord prevails in the Fresno how to evict lawsuit, the court will issue a writ of possession. This is an order to the Sheriff to evict the tenant from the premises. If the tenant refuses to move out, the Sheriff is authorized to use force. Once the tenant is out of the premises, the landlord will receive possession of the premises. If the tenant has to be removed forcibly, the Sheriff will seize any belongings that the tenant has left behind on the premises.

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