Stockton Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy, what is it?

A Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation if assets. A trustee will take all your belongings except exempt property and sell it all to pay off your debts. Once your Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy is complete you will have that fresh start that you and your family have been longing for. There is a chance when you use a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy that you can lose your home. This depends on the state that you reside in. Call a law attorney today to see if a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy is the right fit for you! Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy

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What was Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy designed for?

Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation. This is a bankruptcy that eliminates unsecured debts. Those debts are, medical bills, credit cards, utility bills, pay day loans and some personal loans. Want to know how a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy will work for you? Call an attorney today for a free case evaluation to see if Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy is right for you.

How do I avoid liens with a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy?

There are some liens that can be avoided through a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy. However, it is a limited ability. Household goods definition was changed to limiting “electronic equipment” to on t.v, radio, dvd/vcr player, computer ect. Also, the new “definition” excludes work of art that you or a reative did not make such as, jewelery worth 5000 or more (excluding wedding bands) and motor vehicles. Prior to BAPCPA household goods had a broader range so you could include more items than one of each electronic item (dvd player, t.v., ect.).

Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy for businesses.

If you have a business and are in debt a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy can be filed in federal court. If you chose to file a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy this ceases all operations unless the trustee continues them. You will be apppointed a trustee by the courts almost immediately. Your trustee will sell and/or distribute all proceeds to your creditors. There is a possibility that all of your employees will lose their jobs. When a large company enters into a Stockton ch. 7 bankruptcy there is a possibility that full divisions of the company will be sold to other companies during the liquidation process.

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