Stockton Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Rules

Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules and regulations

The state is who makes up the Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules. The requirements and allowable requirements differ from state to state. Although, federal bankruptcy laws govern all basic processes. Federal also governs the effects of a bankruptcy along with the set up guidelines, from which your state has developed their regulations.

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A Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rule is…

A rule there is no way around is what is called a means test. This test is what qualifies you for a Chapter 7. Its bases on your income. Basically, your income has to be below the median that your state has set. If your income happens to be above the state median you will not qualify. Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules

Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules: credit counseling.

The Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rule comes before your bankruptcy can even begin. Credit Counseling MUST be completed! The agency must be state approved. There is no way to get passed this Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules. Its not a long step to have to complete. It generally takes from an hour to tow hours. You can do the credit counseling a few different ways. Such as, by phone, in person or by internet.

Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules…

Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules are here to benefit you. The state wants things to run nicely. As a lawyers, we want our clients to get the relief that is much needed. Our advice to you and anyone else is to follow the Stockton chapter 7 bankruptcy rules. Do not try and get around them. It will not work in your favor. If you think otherwise and attempt to skip a step your case will be thrown out and you can not apply for bankruptcy for at least 8 years.

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