FAQs on How To File Late Returns

Q: Why do I need to file my tax return ASAP?

A: There are basically two advantages of why you need to file for your tax returns ASAP. The first advantage is that if you are due for a refund for the withholding tax, then you can claim it within three years before you risk loosing it. The next advantage is that people who are self-employed will be able to receive credits for their Social Security retirement as well as disability benefits.

Q: What if I have more debts that I can manage to pay?

A: Even if you do not have a lot of money to pay for your debts, you still need to file your income tax return in order to avoid penalties. In most cases, the IRS gives assistance to find a solution to your problem. In fact, the IRS has policies that offer alternative resolutions if you cannot pay your debts in full. The IRS can help you create an installment agreement which will allow you to pay for your tax debts over time. Moreover, the IRS can also offer you a compromise as long as the solution is appropriate in paying your debts.

Q: What if I cannot file voluntarily?

A: The IRS usually takes steps for people who cannot comply with the law. In fact, the IRS employees are the one who prepare the returns during cases when a taxpayer do not file. The returns that are prepared by the IRS cannot give credit for deduction that a taxpayer ought to receive. Bills will be sent out to the tax payers along with the penalties and interests incurred. In fact, people who do not comply repeatedly with the law are subject to enforcement measures.

Q: How do I avoid debts for next year’s return?

A: A lot of people do not like to file for tax returns for reasons that they do not have enough money to pay for the tax that they owe to the government. However, after filing for a late return, they find out that their withholding tax do not usually equate to their tax liability. To avoid the situation, the IRS usually advises the taxpayers on how to inquire to their employers to withhold enough tax from their pay. Moreover, the IRS ca also provide important information in order to make quarterly payments and also how to recover the amount that is owed. Changes in the financial status can also have great impacts on the taxes an that these changes also affect the adjustment of the payment. By taking these steps, taxpayers will be able to meet their obligations for the next year filing.

Q: Will I be arrested for not paying my taxes on time?

A: Criminal prosecution of people who cannot file their tax return is not a practice of the IRS. However, there are cases that a tax payer is subjected under criminal investigation especially if the tax payer do not file for the tax return voluntarily. This is the reason why tax payers need to make an effort to file for a correct return. On the other hand, receiving a letter from the IRS regarding taxes does not mean that you are under criminal investigation but the IRS simply wants to look solution to get you back in the system.

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