Your Rights and the IRS’s

You have rights when it comes to dealings with the IRS and these include:

– The IRS employees have the right to tell you about your rights and uphold them.

– The IRS cannot disclose your information to anybody unless they were authorized by the law to do so.

– You have the right to ask them why, how the information will be used and what will happen if you do not give them what they want, whenever you are in a situation where an IRS employee questions you for information on your income taxes and the likes.

– The IRS employees need to be polite and fair and if they are not acting correctly, then you have the right to complain to their supervisor. Further, if the latter’s actions is unsatisfactory, you can complain to the regional director.

– You have the right to be represented properly when it comes to the dealings with the IRS. You can hire a tax lawyer or a CPA to represent you well with your case.

– You have the right to halt the interview that is conducted by the IRS employee so that you can confer with your legal representation.

– You do not have to be alone during the meeting.

– You can also record the meeting or the interview for record purposes and you need to tell the employee doing an audit about this in writing at least ten days before the interview.

– You need to pay only what you owe. However, if you cannot pay, then you can ask for monthly payment schemes or if you have paid too much, then you are entitled to getting a tax refund. For the tax refund, the deadline is one or two years from when you paid the tax.

– If the refund check is late for more than forty five days, then the IRS owe you interest.

– You can appeal an audit agent’s decision regarding how much you owe to IRS.

– You can petition some collection efforts by the collecting agents.

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