Tax Forms

Generally, taxpayers who files state and federal taxes on their own start with IRS Form 1040. However, there are other forms to choose from that may best suit your circumstances. Take a look at the other forms and see if you qualify to use the others to file your tax return. In addition to that, you may need to utilize other forms for claiming certain deductions, which you will then attach with the tax return form as proof of your qualification to make such claims.

Learn About Tax Forms

  • IRS Forms and Publications : This page provides links to IRS forms and publications for more information on specific topics. You will find the most popularly-used forms, as well as a link in order to search IRS publications by topic.
  • Frequently Requested IRS Forms : On this page, you will find the most popularly used IRS tax forms and instructions. Take a look and click on the appropriate link for the form and instructions that you may need.
  • State Tax Forms : This is a list of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with links to their respective tax agency’s website.
  • Which Tax Form Should I Use? : As mentioned earlier, Form 1040 is not the only form available to taxpayers. 1040A and 1040EZ may be more applicable, depending on your situation. Take a look and see which criteria you fit into and what appropriate forms you can use.
  • Taxpayer Assistance Resources : Some tips and guides are provided to help you better understand tax laws, with additional links to the IRS and taxpayer assistance websites for your state.
  • Forms and Instructions : This is a link to the IRS website, where you can search it by subject. You may find additional helpful information here, along with downloadable forms and instructions for filing your taxes.

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