IRS Audits

You’ll never know if you will receive a notice and be audited by the IRS. No matter how diligently a taxpayer tries to prepare their returns, there may be times when the IRS may have some questions regarding what you filed. You can avoid or at least minimize the chances of being audited by keeping yourself informed of the appropriate tax laws, procedures and guidelines, and the necessary paperwork involved in filing your tax return.

You may find in this section some valuable materials in order to avoid an income tax audit; and helpful information if in case you have already received an audit notice from the IRS.

Learn About IRS Audits

  • Business Auditing 101 : If your business is being audited by the IRS, you need to know what are the necessary steps to take and what documents to gather and prepare to get you ready for the audit.
  • Avoiding an Income Tax Audit : You may find here some information on how to reduce the chances of being audited by the IRS. Find out what are certain red flags that may trigger an IRS audit to know the mistakes that you need to avoid.
  • What to Do if the IRS Audits You? : If you have not been able to avoid an IRS audit, then it is important to arm yourself with information and knowledge about the necessary things to do in order to go through the process with fewer problems.
  • The Examination (Audit) Process : This is a page from the IRS website, and provides information regarding the IRS audit process. Know your rights as a taxpayer and find out how the IRS chooses their subjects for auditing.
  • Understanding Your IRS Notice : Here the IRS provides information regarding the notices that taxpayers receive and answers to some possible question a taxpayer would have regarding different types of notices.

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