Tax Evasion and Fraud

Tax evasion is a very serious offense. Serious fines and even jail time may be imposed on a taxpayer found guilty of such crime. Find out how you can avoid committing tax-filing mistakes that may be considered as a crime or fraud. You will also be able to find in this section the difference between honest mistakes or negligence and tax fraud.

Learn About Tax Evasion and Fraud

  • Avoiding Behavior Considered Criminal by the IRS : In this article, you will find a quick look at what kind of behavior the IRS may consider as criminal. Do not risk being accused of tax crimes; find out how you can avoid raising red flags.
  • Income Tax: Fraud vs. Negligence : Tax fraud is different from negligence in that fraud is considered a more serious offense with stiffer fines and penalties. Know the different kinds of tax fraud and the consequences.
  • Tax Fraud Alerts : This is a link to the IRS page which warns consumers of tax frauds and other things to watch out for such as abusive return preparer, tax scams and others.
  • Reporting Suspected Tax Fraud : This is a link to the IRS page where a person can report a person or business they suspect or know is not complying with the tax laws on issues such as false exemptions or deductions, kickbacks, false/altered document, failure to pay tax, unreported income, organized crime, and failure to withhold.
  • Employment Tax Evasion Schemes : This is a link to the IRS page on information regarding employment tax evasion schemes such as pyramiding, employee leasing, paying employees in cash, filing false payroll tax returns or failing to file payroll tax returns.

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