Texas A & M Shooting — How Serving an Eviction Notice Can Turn Fatal

Fresno, CA — There really must be something about a bad economy and men suddenly going berserk and starts shooting at other people. First, there was the Colorado shooter James Holmes; then in GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s native Wisconsin, there was the Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page; and now another shooter in College Station, Texas. It’s becoming a trend.

Texas A & M Shooting -- How Serving an Eviction Notice Can Turn FatalThe day started out like any other working day for Brazos County Constable Brian Bachmann. A 20-year law enforcement veteran, Bachmann was on his first term as constable for the Texas county but people were already rooting for him to run for sheriff in Brazos County.

Constable Brian Bachmann met up with another deputy who was to serve a standard eviction notice to a resident near the Texas A & M campus on Fidelity Street. Being an old around good guy, Bachmann volunteered to take up the deputy’s task. As the constable knocked on the door Thomas Alton Caffall opened the door, weapon on hand and fired at the unsuspecting officer. Who would have thought that serving an eviction notice could turn deadly?

The reports did not state on how long Caffall had been staying in the residence. In Texas eviction cases are called “forcible detainer suits” as opposed to California’s “unlawful detainer lawsuits”. In Texas, a landlord has to file a lawsuit with the Justice of the Peace first to get approval for the eviction of a tenant while in California, depending on the tenure of the tenant, the landlord has to serve notice to the tenant and then proceed with the eviction case in court.

Reports state that the suspect may have been suffering from mental illness. But even if you are mentally sane, the idea of being homeless and losing your home can indeed drive a person to insanity. Unfortunately, for a person whose mental stability is already unbalanced like in the case Thomas Caffall, this had been too much to bear and he snapped. He opened fire on the constable and then took Bachmann’s service weapon.

As Caffall took the law enforcer’s service weapon, the suspect also opened fire on a hapless bystander, Chris Northcliff, killing him instantly. Another bystander who was passing by when the shooting was going was critically injured, the woman’s identity was not released.

Police started arriving at the scene which was just a few blocks from the Texas A & M University, people were speculating if the suspect had been a student at the school but it turns out he was not. Caffall then fired at the responding officers hitting College Station Police Office Justin Oehlke on the calf and two other officers were slightly injured but not from the gunfire.

It was like a wild, wild West shootout with Caffall and the SWAT officers exchanging gunfire. After 5 minutes of exchanging rounds, Caffall was hit and taken to the nearby hospital to be treated for his wounds. It was estimated that the suspect fired 65 rounds from his weapon. He died while being treated at the hospital.

It can also be noted that Colorado shooter, James Holmes was facing eviction from his home went he feel off the rocker and started shooting at moviegoers during the Batman premiere at the Aurora Cineplex.

It could be just a coincidence but the common factor among these two men is that they are both facing EVICTION. Being foreclosed and evicted from your dwelling place can take its toll on one’s nerves and make someone snap. Affordable housing is such a scarcity for many families and a lot are losing their homes to foreclosure. This is a sad reality and a big issue for many Americans today. How many more will end up in this kind of situation?

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