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  • Labor & Employment Matters

    State and federal laws provide employees with protections that govern their work environment, including protection from unlawful conduct such as discrimination, harassment and retaliation for engaging in protected activities. Navigating through difficult employment situations or a wrongful termination or other adverse actions may need attorney involvement. It is important that employees know their rights and the many resources available through county, state and federal agencies to protect their interests and employment opportunities. You can get more information by contacting Thomas Hogan Law Firm, a renowned Labor Law Attorney in California.

  • Filing an Administrative Claim

    There are certain requirements that must be met before pursuing a civil action against an employer in state or federal court. The law requires that an employee exhaust his administrative remedies before filing a lawsuit.
    Employees in California, should contact the Department of Fair Employment & Housing and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to file a complaint of discrimination, harassment and retaliation against an employer. Submitting an accurate and effective complaint may not be easy.
    Contact our office for assistance with assessing your complaint and completing the necessary paperwork. An attorney is available to guide you through the process and represent you before the Agency.
    Our attorneys can assist you with pursuing claims with the State or Federal Department of Labor concerning unlawful pay practices, such as failure to pay overtime/premium pay, denial of statutory paid sick leave, failure to pay minimum wage and more.
    Unemployed and need to file a UI claim? Filing a claim with the Employment Development Department is the first step. If your claim has been denied by the EDD, you may want to seek our assistance to file an appeal or provide representation at a hearing.

  • Employment Litigation

    Are you and your co-workers suffering from frequent and harsh treatment by your supervisor? Do you and your co-workers get denied statutory protected leave of absence or are restricted from exercising your religious beliefs?
    These types of employment practices may constitute unlawful harassment or discrimination. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in pursuing a civil lawsuit on your behalf or a class of employees (known as a “class action lawsuit”).
    Types of class action lawsuits are misclassification of employees as exempt (wage/hour), failure to provide adequate seating as a reasonable accommodation (disability discrimination) and race, ethnicity, national origin discrimination in employment practices, such as hiring, promotions, etc.
    The law requires that certain types of claims be filed within a required period of time, known as the statute of limitations. Contact our office to discuss your employment situation immediately.

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