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    Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) are court orders directing plans to divide retirement accounts, typically post-divorce. These orders balance state and federal law with retirement plan procedures, and must be prepared timely and accurately to guarantee both parties' property rights. You can get more information by contacting Thomas Hogan Law Firm, a renowned QDRO Attorneys in California.

    Regardless of which side of the domestic relations order you are on – whether you are the owner of the retirement plan or pension, or whether you are the potential recipient of the plan or pension – this is a highly sensitive issue that requires the knowledge and skills of a seasoned family law attorney.

    As a certified family law attorney in California, Mr. Hogan has the experience and foresight necessary to assist you with filing for a qualified domestic relations order. He will help you throughout the filing process, and will counsel you on what your legal options are and what your next step should be.

    He understands that whether you are seeking protection of your retirement plan or pension from an ex-spouse or are seeking what is rightfully yours following a divorce, that you need the highest level of legal assistance available.

    The attorney who is representing you in your divorce may not be a QDRO expert and he or she may not even know what QDRO stands for. If you are representing yourself in your divorce, it is essential that you contact a qualified QDRO attorney as soon as possible.

    If you don’t get your QDRO filed on time, you could lose all of your benefits.

    Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that QDROs are “cookie-cutter” and can be done by non-lawyers.

    You need an experienced lawyer because:

    • Our attorney may need to talk to the judge’s clerk or go before the judge to protect your rights
    • The retirement plan administrators will listen to attorneys and return their calls
    • Drafting of the QDRO may get you more money than you would if a non-attorney prepares it
    • If your spouse gets someone to prepare the QDRO to take a share of your retirement benefits, you need legal representation review the document and make sure you are protected.

    Mr. Thomas P. Hogan as a Licensed CPA and Attorney can advise you on which option to elect in getting your money out of the plan and can help you decide how to invest it.

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