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  • Tax Law and Tax Resolution Options

    Even though “tax season” has become an integral part of American life, the process involved can still be confusing and even overwhelming for many Americans. The complex nature of federal tax law is, in part, to blame for the confusion. You can get more information by contacting Thomas Hogan Law Firm, a renowned Tax Attorneys in California.

    Almost all US residents must file their annual tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and their state tax returns for the state in which they reside.

    Filing a tax return can be intimidating for many especially when they have a change in circumstances that may result in having a balance owing. It is imperative that whether you owe taxes or you are entitled to a refund, tax returns always need to be filed timely to avoid adding penalties and interest- potentially increasing your balance due.

    At the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan, we are experts on federal and CA State taxes- specifically regarding exemptions, tax status, tax credits, how marriage can affect your taxes and much more to include real estate transactions and business filing matters.

    Our team provides tax law information on filing tax returns, both federal and state as well as other tax related resolutions relating to audits, past due taxes owed for income and payroll taxes and lots more.

  • IRS and FTB Audits

    You’ll never know if you will receive a notice and be audited by the IRS. No matter how diligently a taxpayer tries to prepare their returns, there may be times when the IRS may have some questions regarding what you filed.

    You can avoid or at least minimize the chances of being audited by keeping yourself informed of the appropriate tax laws, procedures and guidelines, and the necessary paperwork involved in filing your tax return.

    Working with the IRS to overcome an audit can be scary- we specialize in working with the IRS and can tackle the audit on your behalf and resolve the Audit for you.

  • Installment Agreements/Offer in Compromise/ Bankruptcy

    Is the IRS garnishing your paycheck?

    Have you received a notice of Bank levy?

    Have you received a notice from the IRS that an involuntary lien has been filed?

    These collections actions are inevitable if you have a tax balance with the IRS or the State. Our office can assist you to stop these collections actions by stepping in and communicating with the IRS for you.

    Depending on your situation, we can work on your behalf to represent you before the IRS to protect your assets and give you breathing room to set up an affordable payment plan with the IRS, submit an Offer in Compromise to pay the IRS a reduced amount to settle your tax debt in full or potentially liquidating the taxes you owe through the bankruptcy process.

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