Would you like to discuss your legal matter?

Would you like to discuss your legal matter?

"We care about our clients and are dedicated to addressing their legal issues to the best of our ability." - Tom Hogan

Comprehensive Estate and Elder Law Attorney

Comprehensive Estate and Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a relatively new and specialized field of law that deals with the issues faced by the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population—the elderly. At the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan we can assist in planning for your future to protect your assets and your loved ones as they enter their golden years of life.

Family Law

Family Law

The Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan provides experienced and aggressive representation in the areas of divorce and custody and will fight to preserve what you hold most dear.

Le gustaría discutir su asunto legal?

Le gustaría discutir su asunto legal?

"Nos preocupamos por nuestros clientes y nos dedicamos a abordar sus asuntos legales de la mejor manera posible." - Tom Hogan

Ask an Experienced Lawyer

Ask an Experienced Lawyer

Financial hardship is not always avoidable but is always very stressful. The burden from past due bills and overwhelming tax debt can feel unbearable. The Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan provides compassionate, efficient, and effective advice and advocacy to assist our clients to make the best choices for their family's emotional and financial well being.

California Law Firm

The Law Office of Thomas Hogan will provide you with personalized attention and guidance. Protecting your rights is our main objective. We have been representing clients in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, tax and estate planning for over 30 years and our experienced team will advise you of the legal consequences of every decision you make.

Areas of Law

Serving The modesto area for Over 30 Years


The Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan has offered high quality legal services in several key practice areas through all of its Northern California offices for the past 30 years. These areas of practice include family law, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, estate and tax planning, Personal and Business tax matters with the IRS, FTB, EDD and BOE, general and civil law, elder care law, and DUI matters.

Types of Clients Served

At the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan we are proud to provide service to all types of individuals from all walks of life- from intimate, family law matters to corporate tax issues. We provide specialized service to our clients tailor made to resolve their legal needs.  A significant portion of our clientele are local, small business owners and we feel privileged to represent them with their sensitive legal matters.  As Tom says often, “ We are only as good as our last satisfied client”.

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In my personal opinion Tom is the best you can ask for. He is kind, compassionate, proffessional, and wastes no time. He will be by your side at all times. He is tough, strong willed, and very detailed. He professes in tax, child support, estate, bankruptcy, and dui. I honestly couldn't ask for anyone better to represent me.
Chealsey, Modesto

Tom Hogan review

Atty.Thomas Hogan helped me on my divorce case. He took care of all possible aspects that I'm entitled to get. Im' so thankful and appreciative for all his help.
Josepito M. Alvarez, Modesto

Josepito A. review

Tom helped my husband and I with our bankruptcy at a time in our lives when we needed help. My husband got ill and went to a nursing facility and later passed away. I was losing our home and had to file bankruptcy. Tom was my angel when I needed then and is family to me now!!! He continues to help me in business and as a friend.
Louise Y, Modesto

Louise Y. review

I have been a client of Mr. Hogan since 2007. When I decided to get married he established my pre-nump. Since I had no idea how or what to put into it he was able to advise me on thing I would have never thought about. then 8 years later I needed a legal separation. Since the pre-nump was very detailed it made the legal separation quick and easy. Tom is very knowledgeable and is very understanding. I appreciate that he is tough when he needs to be but at the same time sensitive to the situation. He won’t just tell you what you want to hear but is honest and tell you how the law looks at things. I recommend Tom to anyone that needs a lawyer! After working with him on several issues Trust, divorce, pre-nump and legal separation I consider Tom my personal attorney and go to him for everything. If he doesn’t handle it he will recommend someone who does and I trust that I am in good hands. Thanks Tom!
Jeri Eresman, Modesto

Jeri E. review

This Law firm was tremendously helpful! Every question that I had was answered with honesty and integrity.
Shannon Gramm, Stockton

Shannon Gramm review